Carbon Cylinder Repair

Today’s aviation standard for pressurized cylinders is the aluminum/carbon cylinder.  Used in so many systems of the aircraft, weight has driven the design to be lightweight, resulting in the optimum design for materials and thicknesses.   Carbon cylinders have replaced most of the Kevlar and steel cylinders of old.   The carbon cinder uses an aluminum liner which is hydro formed and then spun close to form the valve fitting.  The aluminum is kept to a minimal thickness but would never withstand the pressurization requirements. The cylinder is then wrapped with impregnated carbon graphite fibers that are incredibly strong in tensile but easily damaged.  Finally an overwrap is applied to protect the carbon.  This tri-layer approach provides a very strong cylinder at minimal weight.

Care should always be used when handling these cylinders. If the carbon fibers are damaged, then the cylinder is scrapped as the damaged area creates a weak spot for a high pressure burst to occur. 

However, there are repairs permissible to the overwrap.  It is imperative if damage is observed to this area that the repair is done immediately prior to pressurization.  

Please contact us for a copy of the repair that is required.