N23D recently received FAA approval to expand Gulfstream aircraft eligility for its FAA-PMA oxygen cylinders. This is great news to Gulfstream aircraft operators as this expansion approval now gives them more quality and price friendly choices in maintaining their aircraft. This latest PMA approval makes N23D cylinders approved for use on 8 Gulfstream aircraft models. See below for the cylinders and aircraft models covered by this latest approval.

N23D Sup. No. 18 Approval

We will be updating our ‘PMA PRODUCTS’ page with this recent PMA approval. A complete copy of our Supplement No. 18 is available uppon request. If you would like a copy of this Supplement, contact us by email (sales @n23dpma.com) or by completing the ‘Contact Us’ section in the ‘PMA PRODUCTS’  or ‘ABOUT US’ page or or you can request a copy through our distributors.

As always, we look forward to supporting your needs.

N23D Sales Team