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Part #: N23D-21507-05

The N23D-21507-05 cylinder is approved for replacement of cylinder P/N 21507-05 from Avox/Zodiac, and of cylinder P/N 176700-40 and 1270452 from B/E Aerospace. The N23D cylinder is manufactured to same DOT specification as the 21507-05 cylinder from Avox/Zodiac, and the 176700-40 and 1270452 cylinders from B/E Aerospace.The cylinder is constructed of a seamless aluminum liner with a Kevlar epoxy resin composite overwrap and polyurethane top coating. The N23D-21507-05 cylinder is eligible for installation into the Oxygen Systems on the Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker, Learjet, and McDonnel Douglas aircraft.

Part No.


Replaces Part No.


Applies to

Airbus A320 Series1

Bombardier DHC-8-4003

Embraer EMB-1201

Fokker F.27 Mark 0502
F.28 Series2

Learjet 31/55/602

Mc Donnell Douglas 717-2001

1 Supplement No. 2
2 Supplement No. 5
3 Supplement No. 14
Check Supplement for detailed Eligibility list.
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